Tacusil® cyanoacrylates are available in basic methyl and ethyl grades in a variety of viscosities, ranging from water thin wicking grades to non-sag gels.

We also offer a full range of specialty cyanoacrylates including:

a) Surface-insensitive varieties for low pH substrates

b) Clear & black rubber modified or toughened cyanoacrylates for high impact applications

c) Low odor cyanoacrylates to eliminate worker irritation or discomfort

  Short Description Viscosity,cP Specific Gravity Hardness Operating Temperature Range,℃ TDS
surface insensitive cyanoacrylate instant adhesive 20000-28000 1.1 - -
surface insensitive cyanoacrylate instant adhesive 18000-35000 1.1 - -
low viscosity cyanoacrylate instant adhesive 35 - 40 1.06 - -
black cyanoacrylate adhesive 300~500 1.06 65-75 -55 - 120
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