Product Modifications

Are you using an adhesive, encapsulant or other specialty chemical that meets most of your needs but not all? Are you putting up with this situation because of the all the work and risks involved with qualifying a new product? If so, Tacusil® can provide a solution by modifying your current approved product from any resin manufacturer.

Tacusil® is authorized to modify products from major manufacturers like 3M, Henkel, and Dow. Our team can make certain low-complexity modifications and perform testing to verify that all other ncharacteristics remain unchanged. This can often eliminate the need to do full qualification testing and change notification to your customers.

Tacusil® can provide the following types of product modifications:

  • ● Addition of pigments for color change
  • Addition of UV indicators for inspection systems
  • Addition of spacer beads to control bond line thickness
  • Addition of thickening agents to increase viscosity
  • Addition of solvents or diluents to decrease viscosity
  • Addition of fillers to improve properties like thermal conductivity
  • Addition of catalysts to shorten cure time
  • Addition of cure moderators or inhibitors to extend work life

Tacusil® has the capability to modify products in almost any quantity from pints to totes and can provide custom packaging through its sister company KitPackers.

Tacusil® has a complete analytical lab with experienced chemists who can perform side by side testing to verify performance of modified product as compared to the original product. This allows you to use a product that meets all your application requirements and make the switch with confidence, while conserving your valuable engineering time and resources.

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