Custom Formulations

Having trouble finding an off-the-shelf adhesive or encapsulant that meets all your application requirements?

If so, look to Tacusil® to design a custom product that will meet all your performance targets. Our staff of product development chemists has the technical background and industry experience to address your design, manufacturing, and quality requirements.

Has your current adhesive, encapsulant, or other specialty chemical been slated for discontinuation?

If so, Tacusil® can formulate a functional equivalent, often improving your discontinued resin. With a focus on epoxies, urethanes, and silicones, Tacusil® provides high quality products to industries such as aerospace, defense, electronics, and transportation. No matter your industry or application, we can create custom materials for your unique needs.

Is your current resin no longer in regulatory compliance, or is it a candidate for future non-compliance with REACH, RoHS, Prop 65?

If so, Tacusil® can reformulate a compliant product that will still meet your application requirements. Our full suite of laboratory equipment allows us to test and ncharacterize your custom formulation to verify performance with short turnaround times. We can confirm rheological, thermal, electrical, chemical, and mechanical properties, ensuring your final product aligns exactly with your specifications.

Tacusil® has been custom formulating chemistries for over 30 years and offers the following advantages for custom formulation in any industry:

  • ● Fast, responsive, customer-focused service with turnaround times for initial samples in weeks instead of months.
  • ● No ncharge for formulation services for new products with qualified sales potential.
  • ● Very low volume threshold for project acceptance.
  • Epoxy, urethane, and silicone expert chemists on staff with extensive formulating experience.
  • Complete analytical lab that has the instrumentation and trained staff to fully ncharacterize your custom resin system.
  • Extensive mixing capabilities and the ability to provide batches from pints to totes.
  • Compliance experts able to provide complete documentation including SDS's, TDS's, certs, and test reports.
  • ISO 9001:2015 certified quality system with extensive QA lab and staff.

Tacusil® can also provide custom packaging for your custom formulated product via our sister company KitPackers, who we share a 106,000 sq. ft. state-of-the-art facility with. Please contact us to discuss the possibility of Tacusil® creating a new product just for you.

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