Custom Packaging

Have a custom material that needs special packaging?
Ask us which type of packaging would be best for you.

Custom packaging offers a number of benefits over in-house packaging by lowering cost, enhancing performance, and giving you more options. Tacusil®, an Ellsworth Adhesives Company, offers custom packaging for adhesives, sealants, and specialty chemical manufacturers, users, and resellers. Tacusil® is an authorized packager for 3M, Dow, and Henkel Loctite. As an ISO 9001:2015 certified company, KitPackers prides itself on operation excellence and quality control testing that meets ASTM standards.

One Component Systems

Air & Manual SyringesDisposable Plastic CartridgesFlexible PouchesAluminum & Grease Tubes

Glass BottlesMetal CansPlastic BottlesPlastic Jars

Two Component Systems

TAH Side by Side CartridgesTechkitsRatio-Pak Side by Side Cartridges
Sulzer Mixpac Side by Side Cartridges

Dual SyringesFlexible Two Component Pouches

● Benefits
Increase efficiency
Reduce production costs
Easy, accurate dispensing
Prevent moisture contamination and air entrapment
Maximize shelf life
Other Services
Customizable labels
Nitrogen purging
Vacuum and Centrifugal degassing
UN Certified shipping boxes for hazardous materials
Appropriate documentation and certificates
Industry Dynamics
Epoxy Terminology
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